Add some architectural style and design to any garden with the stunning interconnecting Prai Vertical Garden system. Made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) this bucket system allows you to add as many buckets as you want either on a wall, the ground or the stainless steel stands that make this a standout piece of art. All fixtures are made of stainless steel and the high density of colour in each bucket adds to its durability in the harshest climate.

The Starter sets include everything you need (6 buckets, 2 S shaped and 2 L shaped brackets + screws) to get the Vertical Garden on a wall and layout combinations that are only limited by you. Planting is easy – just pot like you would any type of planter – gravel/ pumice drainage base covered by potting mix then plant! The drainage holes at the bottom of the buckets allow watering from the top filtering down to the buckets underneath or use a filtering water system. The system is best put together using gloves and with 2 people to make the slotting of the interconnecting tabs easier. For impact and economy you can purchase the buckets in a box of 30 and the brackets individually to add as many you need to create your garden design.


Check out this video prior to setup!  Prai Vertical Garden Installation  

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