I love a brand that delivers amazing products with true heart and is hugely functional. The GINGER brand is the result of blending Danish design sensibility and Thai creativity.

GINGER is an Asian – Scandinavian lifestyle brand with designs that are a flirtation with the east and the west, between the rich design vibes of Asia and a Scandinavian sense of simplicity creating an informal but rich contemporary feeling.

GINGER uses many rare and unusual natural materials, ethnic textiles & artefacts sourced from all corners of Asia and the pacific rim region and often way beyond, depending where their urban nomad Hans (the company Director) and his team decide to roam for inspiration.
The GINGER FASHION company works hand in hand with the communities that host the manufacturing bases and workshops for its melamaine homewards, the handmade toys and accessories. They hold the highest labour rating for any company in Thailand and truly live and work using ethical practices and standards. If you are ever in Chiang Mai, Thailand visit their café and showroom – its amazing!

All GINGER melamine products are 100% melamine (the highest grade and quality) and are all dishwasher safe. Like any form of plastic you should never put melamine in an oven or microwave – but they are fine for serving hot foods and liquids.

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